oData permissions in Dynamics AX 2012

oData is a term we have come to use a lot with D365FO but it has made me look backwards at AX 2012 recently to help a customer with PowerBI.  There are many posts about consuming oData in AX 2012 but not 1 that I could find about the user permissions required to access the oData url.

The oData references are stored in a table called DocuDataSource and if you do not have high level permissions such as the Sys admin role or IT manager role then you are unable to consume these oData feeds in PowerBI or Excel.

So we need to add the right privilege to a role to open user access to the oData url, you can choose which Role to update I have choosen System user.

Navigate to the Role you want to update and select add, you now need to find the Maintain document handling privilege.

oData Privilege

Use the process cycles path

  1. Information technology cycle
  2. Select Maintain system settings
  3. Then from here select Maintain document handling.

This will allow the users access to the oData table only, individual table access still applies.

Adding new date attributes to the AX 2012 cubes

In the sales and marketing cube I would like a date field related to the quotations created, currently a date attribute exists for the quotation lines which is not what I need.  Here you will need to update the View to add a date field and then expose this in the cube.  Below are the settings and steps you need to take, it was not as straight forward as I first thought.  I’m using the example on quotations but you can apply this to any cube.

The View is the SmmQuotationView here you need to add a new date to the field list, I have used the CreatedDateTime of the SalesQuotationTable, no steps for this just do it!

Once added you can configure the date attribute in the perspective

Step 1 IMPORTANT, you need to change the analysis type of the View to Transaction.


Step 2 configure the date to be an attribute as follows

Created date attribute

Step 3 Update the cube structure using the SQL Server Analysis Services project wizard.

What you can expect to see is a separate date attribute for the Quotation created date that is linked to the date heirarchies