Multi-company installations can lead to failures in the cube based reports

During a staged AX 2012 deployment on a multi-national, multi-company it is normal to create a new AX company.  But did you know that some missing setup in that new company could mean that the Live companies loose their reports.  The MDX queries within the reports require that certain Ledger parameters are set and if they are missing then the report shows “No data available”.

Any MDX query that uses the “Accounting Currency” setting in the Ledger, I think this is most reports, will fail if this setting is missing.  I also mean the DAT company.

The new company must have the Chart of Accounts, the Accounting currency AND exchange rates setup for that currency.  The MDX queries are looking directly at exchange rates and currencies in the reports and if they do not exist the query does not cope with it.

The lesson here is be sure you are ready to complete the setup in the Live environment.

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